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Don't rule out your front-yard when planning a water garden; a large front-yard makes a great place for a pond. This site shows large pond with multiple waterfalls facing the front of the house. The sound of water can be heard from the porch, which has become one of this family's favorite places to spend time. This pond is home to a large number of water lilies, bog plants, and about 25 Koi.

Completed late Fall 2000, plantings added in the Spring of 2001.

This site features:

  • a 35' x 20' pond - 6.5' deep
  • two 6-8' streams
  • one 3' wide split waterfall with 2' of drop
  • multiple other waterfalls
  • two skimmers, pumps, and Biofalls
  • a stone sitting area
  • extensive plantings


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