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This impressive water garden features more than 12' of vertical drop, expansive woodland gardens, a 60' stream, and three ponds approximately 11' x 5', 14' x 10' and 24' x 14'. Two cedar arch bridges crossing the stream allow access to the woodland gardens and multiple sitting areas that afford excellent views of the Koi as they swim among the water lilies, bog plants and hyacinth.

This site has undergone two significant expansions since it was originally completed in 1994.

The water garden originally included:

  • two small "headwaters" with 18" waterfalls
  • the 11' x 5' pond - 2' deep
  • a 1' wide waterfall with 4' of drop
  • the 14' x 10' pond - 3' deep
  • stone steps, stone sitting areas, and path
  • extensive plantings

In 1999 the water garden was expanded by adding:

  • a 2.5' wide waterfall with 2' of drop
  • the 24' x 14' pond below the existing ponds
  • additional plantings around the new pond
  • additional stone sitting areas

In the fall of 2002 this site saw the addition of:

  • a 60' stream above the existing ponds
  • a much larger pump to increase flow
  • a Grande Biofalls for increased filtration
  • two cedar arch bridges traversing the stream

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